Is fashion repeating itself?


Maya Trivunovic(10) poses at her local Starbucks. She really loved low-waisted baggy pants and chunky sneakers.

Sasha Gerike, print staff

 Fashion is the way people express themselves. It is what they identify themselves with. And as time progresses, so does fashion. Therefore, it is always evolving.

   “I have always liked fashion. It’s something that I can truly express through without saying anything. The more you explore it, the more you can also discover yourself,” Chelsea Lam (10) said. 

   Fashion tends to repeat itself and evolve. A lot of styles come back and are made even better than before.

   “It’s obvious that some trends are repeating themselves from the 90s. Like mini shoulder purses, which I’m excited for because it’s an easy way to make your outfit so much cuter and they’re easy to find at stores,” Ella Dobrovits (10) said.

   Some fashion trends that 2021 has in store for us are unique sweaters, pants and shoes. This includes different fabrics and materials like mesh, corduroy, leather, silk, bright colors and animal prints.

   “I think a few big trends include funky patterned sweaters, turtlenecks, flare jeans, chunky sneakers and mary jane shoes,” Ava Jimenez (9) said.

   Many are also excited for jackets, as well as different hair styles and makeup looks.

   “Some trends that I am eager about are brown/black puffer coats, fur trim on jackets and sweaters, bubble braids and colorful mascara/eyeliner,” Maya Trivunovic (10) said.

   However, with the good there is always bad. Some trends aren’t favorable like low waisted jeans.

   “My least favorite is low-rise pants because I feel like they are very unflattering on some people like me, and I wouldn’t want to wear them,” Dobrovits said.

   Since fashion is once again repeating itself, it is easy to find some of these popular items at thrift stores. Thrifting is a great option, so that you aren’t purchasing from big corporations or corporations that are labeled as “fast fashion.”

   “I really like some of the styles specifically because you can find a lot of these items at a thrift store or a store with used clothes which is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying off of websites and big corporations,” Jimenez said.

   At the end of the day, fashion is something that brings people together. It is something that brings out who you really are.

   “It’s one of the main elements of your truest form. I like to wear clothing that makes me feel alive and flowy like music,” Lam said.