Free Coffee on Wednesdays at Dunkin’ Donuts


Dunkin’ Donuts offers free coffee to everyone every Wednesday. Many people participate and go to their local Dunkin’ on Wednesdays!

Natalie Genovese, Social Media Editor in Chief

   Dunkin’ Donuts offers free coffee every Wednesday. For someone to take part in this perk, participants must have the Dunkin’ app.

   “If you want to participate in getting a free coffee, you need to have the DD app to pay,” Madison Naranjo (10) said.

   A lot of Dunkin’ fans go to get their favorite drink every Wednesday and even all throughout the week.

   “I would say I get free Dunkin’ coffee on Wednesdays every week or two. My favorite Dunkin’ drink is a vanilla iced coffee with cream and sugar,” Emma Nordyke (9) said.

   Other Dunkin’ lovers go to get their drinks and food items multiple times a week.

   “I think I have only gotten a free coffee from Dunkin’ about once or twice but I go there at least 3 times a week,” Alexia Huff (10) said.

   Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are big competitors since they both have delicious coffee, other beverages, and food items. Dunkin’, however, is a popular choice over Starbucks for many.

   “I love Dunkin’ and Starbucks both, but Dunkin’ probably has the better options and more of a variety  so I’d have to say Dunkin’,” Huff said.

   Some people who also have a love for Dunkin’ can’t make it out every Wednesday for their free coffee.

   “Sometimes I don’t have a ride or I just forget,” Madison Phillips (10) said.

   More Dunkin’ fans have other excuses for not going out to get their free coffee on Wednesdays.

   “I don’t get free coffee on Wednesdays because I usually don’t have time in the morning, because I’m always running late,” Emma Bower (9) said.

   Everyone who loves their Dunkin’ coffees think that free coffee Wednesdays are a fun and enjoyable perk of being a Dunkin’ fan.

   “I think that it is, because it drives more people to come, and maybe even buy more things while they’re there,” Bower said.

   Big Dunkin’ followers would choose Dunkin’ over any other coffee place because of their devotion to the place.

   “If I had to pick one coffee place to go for the rest of my life it would have to be Dunkin’,” Nordyke said.