E-learner to in person wave


Victoria Torres, Print Staff

  Due to COVID-19 everyone had to make adjustments in order to have normal-day tasks be safe again.  This school year students were given the chance to do remote learning or in-school learning. Nolan Leddy (10)  was an e-learner first semester but then switched to in-person learning second semester. Leddy and many other students made the switch back to in-person learning. 

   ¨In-person learning is far better than e-learning because not only do you get to see the people you know, but the learning experience is far better than that of e-learning,¨Leddy said. 

   On the other hand, some students struggled with e-learning because it was too different from in-person. 

   ¨It was super hard to pay attention and keep up with in-person learners so when I went to school it was a huge difference and the quality of learning was a lot better,¨Nyah Gomez (10) said. 

   When we came back after the new semester started we saw a lot of new faces or we saw some friends we haven’t seen in a while due to the pandemic. Having the reassurance that other kids were also having a hard time learning was comforting for Gomez.

   ¨It was a lot more motivating to be in a school every day instead of my bed, and I noticed a lot of my classmates changing into in-person, so i’m guessing they were feeling the same as I was. It was nice to know I wasn’t the only one struggling,¨Gomez said.