“Gravity” Song Review


DJ Dahi, Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, the Creator release the song “Gravity.” This single was available to stream on Jan. 28, 2021.

Luke Hamilton, Business Manager

On Jan. 28, 2021, Brent Faiyaz, Tyler, the Creator and DJ Dahi released a new single titled “Gravity.” Faiyaz and Tyler’s voices created an interesting dynamic between a rap style and a rhythm and blues style that made me love this track. 

   I really enjoyed this single. “Gravity” contained a fun sound that I believe could transition to a summer hit. It was a mix of upbeat and relaxed, which gave a happy tone to the song. This is similar to a lot of summer music. Additionally, the transitions from Faiyaz’s vocals to Tyler’s rap was something that I enjoyed about the song. I feel that the two artists’ vocals worked perfectly together and created an interesting sound that I would love to hear more from. A majority of Faiyaz’s songs have a very relaxed tone, however the singer switched the pace of this song. This single was something different from Faiyaz that I really enjoyed. Tyler’s rap was not strikingly different from his usual work, however I enjoyed it just as much. His play on words and references back to the title of the song, “Gravity,” were very clever. The rapper’s voice also contributed to the reason why I loved this song so much. Tyler can switch from a slow pace to a fast one, which keeps my interest in the song. I hope to hear more songs such as this one in the future. 

   The release of “Gravity” has only increased my excitement for future projects from these artists. Whether they collaborate again, or make more individual projects, I am excited to hear more from these artists.