The marvelous “WandaVision” (Spoiler-Free Review)


Wanda Maximoff and Vision, played by Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, are the main characters of this new Disney+ original series, “WandaVision.” It was based on the two MCU heroes and their “normal” lives as citizens of Westview, N.J. (Disney+/TNS)

Ines Caballes, Print Staff

On Jan. 15, Marvel fans all over the world rejoiced for the release of the new Disney+ original series, “WandaVision.” “WandaVision” takes viewers on a retro-themed TV sitcom with Wanda Maximoff and Vision, two heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the show, the heroic pair is married and pursuing a normal life, concealing their powers and true identity from the picture-perfect world around them. In their new home in Westview, N.J., things seem to go smoothly in the happy small town, until little out-of-the-ordinary details build to larger anomalies. 

   In the two episodes that kicked off the premiere, things started off slow and resembled cheesy, classic retro TV sitcoms from the 50s and 60s time period. As the show progresses, it becomes more mysterious and thrilling. The time period of the show also changes every episode, jumping a decade each time. This added to the nostalgic factor of the show, especially during the 90s resembling the popular family sitcom “Full House.” While I was watching, it kept me on the edge of my seat with so many questions. The plot started to unfold in a way an MCU movie would, which had me and many other viewers hooked. 

   Although the plot seemed one-sided and cheesy at first, I am so glad I kept watching. I cannot wait for the next episode and to see what happens next. What will Wanda and Vision do next? How does this play into the next MCU phase? A new episode releases every Friday, which is perfect timing for the weekend. If you love the MCU and these characters as much as I do, definitely check this show out!