It’s off the chain: Q&A with Karah Sikora


Karah Sikora (12) holds up her soon-to-be record-breaking crochet chain. She has been working on it since 5th grade.

Andie Kalemba, Print Staff

Q: When did you start making this crochet chain?

A: “I can’t recall, but it was a while ago, since the beginning of middle school.”


Q: What inspired you to make this? What was the motivation behind this?

A: “My grandma taught me how to make a crochet chain in elementary school when I came home from school.  I made a chain from downstairs to the kitchen and felt proud of myself.  I only learned how to make a chain, so I kept adding on to the one I started, and after looking up the record for longest chain, [it] made me want to beat it.”


Q: What do you hope to achieve when you are finished?

A: “I think it’ll just be satisfying.  This is mostly for fun.”


Q: How do you make the crochet chain?

A: “You loop your yarn around your needle twice and then pull the second loop under the first and continue on and on.”


 Q: Have you made crochet chains before?

 A: “Yes!  Many small ones, but I have just one continuous one.”


Q: When did you start crocheting?

A: “My grandma makes little things and has crocheted all her grandkids a blanket.  When I was in elementary school both my parents were working, so my grandma picked me up when I was sick.  We sat in our downstairs family room and I asked her to teach me after watching her, and the rest is history.”


Q: How long is the biggest chain?

A: “The current longest chain is 80.78 miles long.”


Q: How long is yours currently?

A: “Mine can almost completely loop the entire LC Theater Auditorium.  But that was the last time I checked, so I believe it can entirely loop now.”