Questions with #87


Joey Heuberger (11) races after the puck after the other team got a hold of it. He attempted to get the puck back before the team tried to shoot a goal.

Kylie Biehler, Print Staff

Q: How long have you been playing hockey?

A: “I have been playing hockey for about 9 years.”


Q: What made you decide to play hockey?

A: “I decided to start playing hockey after the Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley cup in 2010.”


Q: Is hockey something you’d want to do as a career? Why?

A: “No, hockey is not something I would want to do as a career, because you have to be really good at the sport to get paid for playing.”


Q: Do you plan on playing in college?

A: “I do not plan on playing hockey in college, because I am going into the trades instead of college.”


Q: How do you feel about hockey being a club?

A: “I am okay with hockey being a club, I just wish that the school recognized us more like they do with the other sports.”


Q: Do you think the hockey teams get enough media coverage?

A: “No, I do not think the hockey teams get enough media coverage from the school.”


Q: If you didn’t choose to play hockey would you play another sport? If so, what sport?

A: “If I didn’t choose to play hockey I would have played lacrosse, because I was also very good at lacrosse the two years I played; sadly I could no longer play both, and I had to choose hockey because I have been playing longer.”


Q: What is your favourite hockey team, and what player?

A: “My favorite hockey team is the Toronto Maple Leafs, and my favorite player is Auston Matthews.”


Q: What is your relationship like with your teammates?

A: “Me and all my teammates have a really good relationship actually; we all get along very well, and we are always there for someone if they need it.”


How is your relationship with your coaches?

A: “My relationship with the coaches is very good too. They are very helpful, and they will always be there to talk to you or help you through a tough time.”