Vlog King’s Career Away from the Camera


David Dobrik stands at the Power of Young Hollywood event. He made his debut as a co-host for “Dodgeball Thunderdome.”

Brooke Follrad, Print Staff

 On Feb. 8, 2021, vlogging sensation David Dobrik made his return to YouTube. His video “I BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!! (2021)” was uploaded to his second channel, David Dobrik Too. Fans got very excited to see such a famous influencer return to making comedic videos. But is this really Dobrik’s big comeback?

   Dobrik got his fame from posting videos to a popular app called Vine and making vlogs on YouTube. Since Vine was shut down in 2016, he switched over to YouTube full-time. His first-ever YouTube video was posted on Feb. 15, 2015. He is currently at 18.8 million subscribers on his main channel, David Dorbik, and his second channel with 8.73 million. With a total of 639 vlogs on his main YouTube channel, David Dobrik, he stopped posting on April 24, 2020, due to COVID-19. 

   Dobrik has a lot more going for him than just YouTube. He has created a podcast with a good friend of his, Jason Nash, called VIEWS. The first official episode was released on May 18, 2017. Dobrik has also starred in the shows “Dodgeball Thunderdome” and “America’s Most Musical Family.” With appearances on award shows and his “David’s Perfume” commercial, he has been able to purchase his new 9.5 million dollar mansion.

   In his new YouTube video, Dobrik gives an interesting tour of his new residence, with luxury features such as a wine room locked by fingerprint, an infinity-edge pool, a ginormous basketball court, beautiful art pieces, a true-to-size Iron Man suit replica, movie theater, heated toilet seats, a 12×12 foot bed and his podcast room. Out of all of these, one of the most headline-making items is Dobrik’s Hawaiian Punch water fountain. He says that he wanted this after taking inspiration from the movie “Mr. Deeds.”

   It is fair to say that this young content creator’s future on YouTube is uncertain. Being able to buy a multi-million dollar home without posting on YouTube, the circumstances of the pandemic and his career taking off has made it clear that YouTube is no longer his main priority.