Dribbling their way to success

Abbey O’Neill, Print Team Leader

   On Friday, Feb. 5, Lake Central went up against Merrillville. The Varsity boys basketball team managed to pull another win for this season. It was a close game, but thankfully Myles Yekich (11) helped with scoring from the three point line toward the end of the game. 

   “[This season has been] pretty good, we are getting better and better everyday,” Ethan Knopf (11) said.  

   The boys claim that this was one of the harder games because of pressure from the other team and how close it was at the end of the game. The game ended 50-42 with Lake Central leaving in victory.

   “[Since COVID happened, playing] is the same for the most part, just different, like not being able to sit next to your teammates on the bench,” Brandon Escobedo (10) said.

   The team did have a rough start in the beginning of the game with 21-24 but quickly changed that in the second half of the game. 

   “[I think] we can work on starting off the games better,” Escobedo said.