JV boys basketball dribbles to victory.

Corinne Gillete and Emily Neyens

   On Friday, Feb. 5, 2021, the JV boys basketball team competed against Merrillville. The game was tense, with bickering between coaches and the referees, along with falls taken from both teams. 

   “I thought that we played really well. We handled Merrillville’s pressure and we limited our turnovers as a result of that. We also rebounded extremely well, getting plenty of offensive rebounds,” Mitch Milausnic (10) said.

   It is no surprise that there were necessary precautions put in place at the game used to keep the players, coaches, staff and spectators safe. Both teams did amazing jobs at keeping the space a safe area for everyone. Everyone’s safety is always top priority. 

   “During games we have to socially distance on the benches. In practices we have had to separate at some points between JV and Varsity and we also have to bring our own water bottles,” Milausnic said. 

   The score at half time was 34-25, with the Indians in the lead the entire game. The boys feel they did a great job. 

   “I feel like we played pretty good, Merrillville is a good team and we won convincingly. We have worked hard during practice and improved a lot,” Garrett Weber (10) said. 

The Indians defeated the Pirates, winning 60-44. Great sportsmanship was shown from both teams. The team worked very hard and brought another win. With a score to show their hard work and dedication, they work toward the tail-end of their season.