Spring Break 2021


Spring break 2021 is at the end of March, and students are making the decision to stay home or go somewhere. With restrictions still in place in most states, taking precautions would keep both oneself and one’s family safe. Photo by: Black Hawk College

Lauren Kutcka, Print Staff

With spring break just around the corner, students are eagerly waiting to have a break from school for a week. With COVID-19 still around, some students’ plans may have changed, or they have made the decision to stay home, like senior Mackenzie Zielke.


“I am not going anywhere for spring break because I still don’t think it’s safe to really be traveling or going to the major spring break events, because COVID numbers are still high,” Zielke said.


With COVID numbers still high, taking precautions at this time is very important. Going to states with high risk can be very dangerous if you don’t wear a mask and are not following the guidelines. 


“If I were going to be going to a high-risk state, I’d probably double mask, avoid going to places with large crowds, wash my hands and hand sanitize a lot, social distance and quarantine when I get back home,” Zielke said.


With restrictions still in place for some states, using any precautions one can, such as wearing a mask, avoiding large crowds and using social distancing is a good thing to use if you decide to leave for spring break this year. Spring break 2021 is coming soon, and it is always good to make sure that you are doing everything to keep both yourself and your family safe.