New Matcha Options at Dunkin’



Encourage friends or family to take a few minutes to themselves when they make a fresh cup of matcha tea using this set by Jugetsudo USA. A 1-ounce can of matcha, a traditional tea bowl, a scoop and a whisk all come in a bamboo box. $79.49, (Jugetsudo USA)

Lexi Rigg, Business Manager

If you hadn’t heard, Dunkin’ came out with new matcha items at participating stores. On Feb. 24, 2021, Dunkin’ showed the matcha powdered donut to all of their customers. The doughnut features their normal Glazed Donut, but adds a layer of their matcha green tea powder completely covering the donut. Let me just start off by saying that representation was already terrible. The product looked nothing like the professional picture posted on their app that enticed me to buy it. The green shade was such an off putting color, and honestly just appeared to be a moldy donut (even though it wasn’t). However, I kept my hopes high and went for a bite despite the appearance. Don’t get excited though, it was terrible. Yes it’s just my opinion, and maybe I don’t love the taste of matcha as much as I thought I did. I have to admit, the donut tasted like a bitter trash bag. It wasn’t their best work.

However, I was ready to clean my palette and go for the new Blueberry Matcha Latte that I had purchased along with the donut. This latte combines the matcha green tea powder, Dunkin’s blueberry flavor, and the customer’s choice of milk. I went for almond milk since that’s what I would usually order with my Dunkin’ drinks. I went for my first sip and thought, “Wow! Dunkin’ did not disappoint!” It was the perfect amount of sweetness from the blueberry,  super creamy taste from the milk, and the matcha powder complimented the drink perfectly. Honestly writing this review is making me want to go to Dunkin’ and pick up another. I definitely recommend this, and you should go grab your Blueberry Matcha Latte as soon as you get the chance. As for the donut, try at your own risk.