Winx Saga review


Kelly Hayes, Photo Editor

Fate: Winx saga first premiered in 2020, stunning audiences with its new take on the old kids show The Winx Club. The Winx Club originally aired in 2004. Fate has many similarities with the original. They both follow Bloom and her friends on their adventures figuring out the world of fairy magic and the dangers it brings with.

Bloom is new to the fairy world, after starting a fire in her house in California, Mrs. Dowling finds her and brings her to the other world to learn how to control her powers. The story takes place in the school Alfea, along with fairies, specialists also train together to defeat the dreaded burned ones. Bloom and her group of friends face many challenges as the threat of the burned ones get worse. Bloom discovers a startling deception from her life, as she struggles to learn the truth, things take a turn.

Despite the similarities, Fate has made it very clear they will not be following in the original footsteps. The show uses stronger language and plot points, this new version is clearly made for an older audience. While others complain about the ethnicity of the cast and the difference in appearances, I think that the differences were done on purpose to solidify the fact that this show is going in its own direction. 

While the show covered so much in just six episodes, I believe that they are just scratching the surface to the fascinating story they are going to unfold. Thankfully, the show has been renewed for a season two. I can’t wait to see what the writers and cast do next.