Moxie’s got moxie


Nico Hiraga as Seth (left), Amy Poehler as Lisa (center) and Hadley Robinson as Vivian (right) in “Moxie.” (Colleen Hayes/NETFLIX/TNS)

Alyssa Klimowski, Team Leader

   “Moxie” is a movie directed by Amy Poehler and was released on March 3, 2021. It follows a girl named Vivian as she discovers how feminism and protesting the patriarchy fit into her life. She creates a zine called Moxie and leaves it in the school bathroom. Little by little, more girls in the school start protesting with her.

   In “Moxie,” Vivian is blind to the sexism that overwhelms her school. She sees nothing wrong with the guys on the football team “ranking” the girls, or Mitchel, our antagonist, harassing the new girl. He’s just annoying, what harm can he do? While going through her mom’s old suitcase full of memories of the protests she took part of, she comes across a song. “Rebel Girl” by Bikini Kill. It empowers Vivian. She realizes that she’s angry that the guys rank the girls and she’s angry that the new girl is getting harassed. The song is eye-opening to her.

   Throughout the whole movie, “Moxie” remains anonymous. She likes people not knowing who she is. I feel that it was important in the beginning to remain anonymous. When anybody could be Moxie, it was less risky. She doesn’t come clean until the end.

   While no movie is perfect, I feel that this is a great start to showing how sexism affects men and women. Men can start to view themselves as superior while women’s self esteem can drop. 

   Throughout the whole movie, I grew angrier and angrier. While I think it was great, it hit too close to home in some parts. Throughout the mansplaining and the sexist remarks, I thought about my own experiences. I feel like this can be eye-opening for people who haven’t experienced it and can be a great learning experience.