Insider with Tenley Edvardsen (12)


Tenley Edvardsen’s (12) high school theater career is coming to an end. She reflected back on her past years as she plans to continue theater throughout the rest of her life.

Joanna Kouros, Print Staff


Q: How did your musical theater journey begin?  How has it progressed since then?

A: “I started doing musical theater when I was five years old. The first show that I did was “The Wizard of Oz”, and after that I just fell in love with it. Since then I have done theater all over northwest Indiana as well as Kahler Middle School and LC. I started out only getting chorus roles and then, finally, in middle school I started to get the lead roles. I have been in so many different shows and have played many different types of roles.”


Q: How many shows have you done at Lake Central?  Which was your favorite?  Why?

A: “I have done nine shows at LC. My favorite has to be “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” because that was such a fun show. We got to improv a lot, and every night was different. I got to do the show with some of my favorite people, and I loved playing Olive Ostrovsky every night.”


Q: How have your Lake Central directors & cast members influenced you?

A: “All of them have helped me become the person that I am today. The directors that I have had have helped me become a better actor and become more responsible with everything that I do.”


Q: How does the way you’re ending your high school theater career due to COVID-19 compare to the way you thought it would pre-pandemic?

A: “I definitely thought that I was going to have a normal senior year. I was looking forward to having my last cast bonding and being able to do a full-on big production. But we couldn’t do any of those things. Yes, they have tried to make it as normal as possible, but it’s not the same. I just try to tell myself that it will get better and to look ahead for what’s next.”


Q: What is the best thing that’s come out of your high school theater career?

A: “The memories for sure. I have made some of the craziest, most fun memories ever, and I will never forget them.”


Q: What could have been done to make your senior year in theater better? (Still taking COVID-19 precautions into account)

A: “Maybe having more people at our shows and try[ing] to sell wooden flowers. Normal things.”


Q: What effect do the lower classmen have on you?

A: “A huge one! I’m closer with underclassmen than kids in my own grade. I feel like they look up to me, but I actually want to be like them.”


Q: Do you plan on continuing theater in college?  Which college(s) are you looking at?  What is your major?

A: “Yes! Boston Conservatory, Millikin University, Ball State, Pace University, Marymount Manhattan and Syracuse University. [My] major will be [a] BFA in Musical Theater.”


Q: What is your ultimate goal in life as far as theater?

A: “[To become] a performer on Broadway and win a Tony award are my main goals. But I would also love to try movies and TV, and maybe even be a backup singer.”


Q: What is your greatest accomplishment as far as performing?

A: “[It] probably has to be winning best actress at regionals or being able to have played the roles that I have played.”


Q: What legacy do you hope to leave behind at LCTC?

A: “Hopefully people will remember me as a hardworking but also friendly person. I have tried over the years to be a leader and help as many people as I can.”