Spitting Mad Bars

Caleb Chen, Print Staff

Chris Cortez (11), better known as “Conquis” is an up and coming artist from Dyer, Indiana. His passion for music goes behind every song produced. He hopes to impact all his listeners with his unique flow of music. Support Conquis by simply listening and sharing his songs. https://soundcloud.com/user-463138057 


Q: How old were you when you got into music? 

A: It all started back when I was 13 years old. Music has always been there ever since I was very young. I didn’t really start songwriting and singing until I was around 13. 


Q: Who got you started into music and songwriting? 

A: In about second grade, my older brother showed me Eminem. I quickly became hooked to his music and it had brought me to another level with music. The song, “The Way I Am” by Eminem, has taught me that no matter how bad or how good I am, this is the way I am. And that is why I love that song so much because I related to Eminem. It still remains very influential to me till this day. 


Q: What are your plans for the future regarding music? 

A: I think first I need to get my stuff together. I need to first get a good income with my actual career and all that. I plan on going to college for criminal justice. But once I get the money, enough at least for my own studio, I want to build my company in the music industry. What I want to do is write good stories into music. I want to write books into music. Like poems and gods from ancient Greece, in order to spread my knowledge. 


Q: What are behind your songs?  

A: Songs I am writing right now include stories of other characters of how I feel on a daily basis. I make characters, along with little emotional traits with each character. I want to tell a good story everytime I make a song. My goal is for people to see the goal or theme I have for that song. It could be a theme about how society is too lustful in worldly things. 


Q: How has music bettered you as a person? 

A: Music just expresses me, you know? That is my relief from everything in life. I don’t think people get me. I don’t really talk to anybody like that just because people understand me. For some reason, I cannot open up to people. I think my music is just an escape from reality and makes me more in touch with life.