Planning for the future

Olivia Mapes, print staff

  April 13, 2021, that was the dreaded SAT testing day  for juniors, but for freshmen and sophomores, it was only learning about the SAT day. College Planning Night went over everything there is to know from Naviance and resumes to finding colleges to actually applying to colleges. 

   The night was geared to students and parents who were not familiar with the college application process. As families walked through the doors to the auditorium students got handed packets with helpful information. This included an overview of the night, a dictionary of common terms when applying to colleges, what colleges and universities will be test optional and helpful hints for writing the common app essay.

   “As we start this program tonight there’s some things you’ll need to keep in mind. As you’re sitting there by your 4.5 GPA student or your 1.6 GPA student you’re going to have the same issues” Sherry Bereda, guidance, said.

   By addressing everyone in the audience she made them feel comfortable and assured them on what to do to get into a good school. Bereda and the other guidance counselors also addressed problems that happen during high school between parents and their kids.

   “There’s going to be things that come up and they’re teenagers, parents, and they’re gonna procrastinate a lot. It’s called soiling the nest, a thing that students do so that parents are more ready for them to go” Bereda said.

     This is a common thing that most can relate to. Going over things like this and the more technical aspects of college applications reassured parents and students alike.