The New Changes to “Save Your Tears”


The Weeknd and Ariana Grande bring out their amazing vocals on the “Save Your Tears” remix. The remix was released on April 23, 2021.

Luke Hamilton, Business manager

  The remix for “Save Your Tears” came out on April 23, 2021. This massively popular song, originally by the Weeknd, was featured on his album After Hours in 2020. Now, the singer and friend of the Weeknd, Ariana Grande, has been added onto the track. This is now the third duet that the two performers have worked on together, the first two being “Love Me Harder,” from 2014, and “Off the Table,” from 2020.

  This remix is a great addition to the artists’ previous songs together. Although “Save Your Tears” is a little under a year old, Grande brought a new life to the song that will expand its popularity for many. The track includes an 80s inspired, dream-pop sound that will captivate many listeners. The main aspect of the song that stood out the most would be the use of Grande’s lower register. Although Grande is well known for her whistle notes, the singer utilized the lower range of her voice fantastically in this song. Even though there were little changes made to the Weeknd’s parts of the song between the remix and the original, he still had amazing vocals that were able to highlight the different ranges in his voice. 

  In this duet, the singers are expressing their views on a past relationship and how it is currently affecting them. It seems that although they miss the person from the previous relationship, the singers feel too emotionally unavailable to be there for the other person. When looking at the lyrics to the remix, it seems as though Grande’s verse is the second side of the Weeknd’s story. This is an interesting point to think about when listening to “Save Your Tears.”

  This remix was very well done and will stand out from their previous songs. The two singers’ amazing vocals and use of their ranges prove why their duets are so successful. With the addition of Grande to the Weeknd’s song, “Save Your Tears” has been given a second life that many will enjoy.