Tom & Jerry Go Big


Tom and Jerry comes out on HBO MAX. Tom and Jerry first appeared in 1940.

Andie Kalemba, Print Staff

A childhood cartoon that was created in the 1940s crawled its way to everyone’s hearts today.  The short stories revolve around a cat and a mouse chasing and torturing each other.  Over the years, the animation styles have been adapted numerous times, but nothing will ever change the animals’ “frenemy” relationship.


Tom & Jerry debuted in a new 2021 film shown on the popular streaming app, HBO max.  The story follows Tom & Jerry heading to the big apple and running into a prestigious hotel, or shall I say “running a prestigious hotel?”


The main character, named Kayla, steals an applicant’s resume so she can have a job at the hotel.  She gets the job in an instant, but only starting out temporarily.  She is tasked with helping organize a VIP wedding.  Almost immediately as she begins planning, a mouse, Jerry, is found in the hotel, and Kayla is told to catch the mouse and have him out of the hotel.


As Kayla is trying to catch Jerry, she catches Tom attempting to catch Jerry and hires Tom as a hotel employee to help her catch Jerry.  The events turn quickly when Tom & Jerry wreak havoc in the hotel because they will not stop fighting, so Kayla makes Tom & Jerry a deal that if they could spend one full day together without fighting and if they succeed, they are welcome to stay in the hotel.


Like any other Tom & Jerry cartoon episode, the wedding was a recipe for disaster that involved elephants and peacocks.  Kayla got exposed and, along with Tom and Jerry, got kicked out of the hotel.  They all decided to work together to create a simple, beautiful wedding for the VIP couple and succeeded in doing so.


As I was watching the movie, I enjoyed all of the classic pranks that Tom & Jerry pulled on each other, such as Jerry smashing Tom’s face with an iron and Tom shaking Jerry in a champagne bottle.  I was also delighted to see all of the cartoon characters that are known in the Tom & Jerry universe.  These characters included the gang of cats that bully Tom, Spike the dog and even a goldfish friend.


I loved how the makers of the movie kept Tom & Jerry mute while all of the other animals were able to talk to each other.  This kept the classic touch that the original Tom & Jerry had.  I recommend this movie to anyone of all ages.  Younger audiences would be attracted to this, while older audiences would easily get in touch with their childhood.