Indians show Bulldogs their bite

Emily Brown, Print Staff

The gloomy weather on April 14 didn’t make the score gloomy for the Indians, beating the Crown Point Bulldogs 4-2. The game leads them to victory at the end of the innings. The whole game, the Indians were ahead until the Bulldogs came up 2 points at the top of the 7th inning.  

   Teamwork is essential and the JV team’s got it. The team as a whole works well together. With bumps in their road such as COVID, they need to stick together through everything to be a strong team. 

   “Teamwork is really big on the softball team. The team works together through everything, and when someone is down the whole team is there to bring them back up when they need it,” Aubrie Morales (10) said.

   COVID-19 has stopped every sport from doing their beloved traditions. That doesn’t stop the team from performing their best. Nothing can stop these girls from playing the best they can.