And it’s out of here!

Liz Schallmo, Print Staff

   April 5, the girls Varsity softball team played against Lowell and won, not letting Lowell score a single run. The end score was 12-0. The first few innings went a little slow, with only three runs in the second inning and two in the fourth; but in the sixth inning they doubled their runs, scoring six more. Head Coach Jeff Sherman was proud of how the girls handled the game.

   “For the first few innings the Lowell pitcher did a nice job at keeping us at bay, but then we were able to make some minor tweaks at the plate and extend the lead to a comfortable margin,” Coach Sherman said.

   From a coach’s perspective, making improvements in-game is a must if you want to win. For Jordan August (12) she thinks one of the team’s strengths is pressure application.

   “We applied the pressure we needed to and they broke down. That’s what makes us such a strong team, apply the pressure early and throughout the whole game,” August said.

   Going into the game, it’s not always possible to predict how the other team will play. Once you get a few innings in, you can see how they play and know how to counter that. Coach Sherman saw that and found what to work on next practice.

   “We probably want to work on our ability to battle a little more with two strikes on the plate. I thought we took some strike three calls that we could work on, and a little later in the season won’t have,” Coach Sherman said.

   Having a good bond with your teammates is one of the most important things in a sport.  August reflects on the girls she plays with and talks about the bond she has with them.

   “These girls are amazing. They make me laugh and I truly have a great time when I’m with them. We have a great group of girls this year,” August said.