Future Medical Professional Finale


Lexi Kozel (11), Claire Bender (11), and other club members watch The Office. The students participated in their last meeting of the year.

Olivia Figg, print staff

As the year comes to an end, clubs are wrapping up their year’s activities. For Future Medical Professionals, they decided to have a club bonding session, and have fun watching a medical episode of The Office. Dr. Verpooten (science) , started off the meeting with a wrap up of all the successful things that happened over the course of this year. The students volunteered at Phil’s Friends, a nonprofit organization to help people with cancer, and met with multiple current medical professionals.

¨As much as this year created setbacks for each student, we still made the best out of the situation we were in. I enjoyed this club, and the many successful events I participated in.¨ Alexis Kozel (11).

The students were able to bond with each other while volunteering and overall create a stronger bond. The students got closer to their friends and even met new people along the way. Volunteering helped them learn a new side of themselves and they were able to help people in need.

¨I got closer to my good friends during this club because I was with them more than ever before. Volunteering was enjoyable because they were there and also because I knew we were able to help people.¨ Claire Bender (11). 

With the expectation that next school year will have less restrictions due to COVID Dr. Verpooten plans on having more experiences for the students. Field trips to local hospitals, and CPR certifications are in store.

Although this year was fun, I plan to have more hands-on experience for the members. I want to take them to a place they might be very well working at when they are older. ¨ Verpooten (Science)