24 Senior Quotes That Should Have Been in the Yearbook


Glastonbury High School graduate Fiona DeFranco celebrates with principal Dr. Nancy Bean, as DeFranco’s friends pop confetti into the air after she received her diploma Wednesday, June 10, 2020, in Glastonbury. Wednesday was Glastonbury High School’s fifth and final day of delivering diplomas to graduates. Each student got to wear their cap and gown while GHS’s principal, Dr. Nancy Bean jumped out of a decked out Jeep, grabbed the diploma from the decorated bus and presented the student with his or her diploma in front of friends and family in their front yards.

Andie Kalemba, Print Staff

“Do not worry about everything that is going on around you; all one can ever ask of you is to do your absolute best! Stay true to yourself and live life the way you desire”, Jackson Lopez (12) said.


“Progress is not a linear process”, Allison Peterson (12) said.


‘Who else feels like they have no idea what they’re doing?’ -George O’Malley”, Sarah Badger (12) said.


“‘High School Musical’ was a lie”, Charming Guirgus (12) said.


“High school is like a toilet.  You flush stuff down and it still comes back up to haunt you”, Cole Marquez (12) said.


“I like peanuts”, Marc Radtke (12) said.


“I don’t even know half of you”, Madelyn Gall (12) said.


“Dr. Fish”, Phillip Kirk (12) said.


“Be positive, test negative”, Chloe Campbell (12) said.


“The never ending chapters of life build my character to who I always was”, Katelyn Kazakevicius (12) said.


“Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on a cloud”, Jeramie Gomez (12) said.


“I wish people would stop trying to scare kids before they go to high school about how hard it is… it’s all mentality. I had a much easier time when I stopped thinking high school was hard. I actually did better when I changed my mindset”, Sophia Fara (12) said.


“If you were concerned if you saw me wearing pajamas…good, because I didn’t want to be there”, Ashleigh Thompson (12) said.


“This was not like Disney Channel”, Morgan Risser (12) said.


“‘Alexa, play “You’re Going to Miss This” by Trace Adkins”, Angelina Sang (12) said.


“This wasn’t like ‘High School Musical’”, Tenley Evardsen (12) said.


“To all the teachers who never taught me a thing: ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Episode 5, 35:08”, Sydney Delisle (12) said.


“For me, giving up is harder than trying”, Gabrielle Fredrickson (12) said.


“Shoutout to my Hozier Playlist on Spotify for getting me through this year”, Karah Sikora (12) said.


“Take it one step at a time”, Thao Nguyen (12) said.


“PHD of being awesome”, Joseph Cardinale (12) said.


“If movies have taught me anything, now the real fun begins”, Liliana Haro (12) said.


“The turkey and gravy is the best school lunch ever”, Sarah Gross (12) said.


“Happiness is not about getting what you want. It’s about appreciating what you have”, Juliann Rymarczyk (12) said.