Track Stars

Kylie Biehler, print staff

   The boys track team faced off against Valpo and Laporte on April 13. Although they tried their best, they did not come out on top. The boys ultimately tied with Valpo, leaving Laporte victorious. Going into the meet, some felt confident in the race.

   ¨Going into the meet I felt kind of nervous since coach put me in the 4×800, and I didn’t want to let my team down, thankfully I did pretty good,¨ Dylan Lopez (10) said.

   No matter what you do or how good you are at it, there is always room for improvement, and the boys believe they can improve both as a team and individually.

   “To improve I need to work on my running form and to improve my sprinting speedI feel nervous before every single meet.The team as a whole can improve their confidence and believe that they can win their events,” Avery Ramos (11) said.

   On and off of the track, the boys track team is more than just a team, they are practically family. 

   “The bond between us and the coaches are pretty tight as well. We can pretty much talk to them about anything. They really do a good job at making us feel comfortable and have fun while being the best athlete we can be,” Vince Vanderveen (11) said.

   While some of the boys work on some improvements, some are starting to make plans for the following track season, and are putting in the effort to achieve their goals.

   ¨I wish to make Varsity for an event this year, though the competition is high. I could achieve that by working as hard if not harder as the leading seniors on the team, and giving my all at the meets. Next season, since most of Varsity are seniors in my events, I plan to fill in the gap and follow in their footsteps,” Lopez said.

   Sadly as the years are starting to wind down to an end for some of the boys, a few of them do not wish to continue their track career after high school.