Fighting Til the End

Liz Schallmo, Print Staff

   On Aug. 19th, the girls Varsity volleyball team fought hard, but fell to Andrean losing in three sets.  Each set went into overtime with the first being 25-27, second set 26-28 and third set 25-27.  Going into the game Coach Naveed Zizam knew they were still cleaning up some things but asked the girls to do one thing.

   “We are still working a lot on fixing some things from the summer but right now I just want our teams to compete.” Coach Zizam said.

   Despite the team still working on things, they didn’t let that get in the way.  Coach Zizam views this energy as a sign of aggression and wants to win.

   ”The girls are excited, they are excited before every match so that’s a good thing.  We want to make sure they are coming out aggressive before every match, and that’s key.” Zizam said.

   Some girls have been in the volleyball program for a while.  Emilee Marten (12) feels a strong attachment to this team because she has been in it all four years.

   “This being my senior season, I’d really like to see myself step up as a leader and have no regrets at the end of the season.” Marten said. 

   The next varsity volleyball game is on Aug. 23 at 5.  Be there to support and hype them up as they face off against the Highland Trojans.  

 “I couldn’t choose a favorite of most memorable play; there’s tons that get us and the crowd going crazy, so those are always my favorite due to the energy you can feel throughout the gym,” Marten said.