Best In The Field

Kayla Oberholtzer, Business Manager

   The Varsity boys soccer  team won their first match 4-0, on Monday, Aug. 23 against Highland High School. In the first- half of the game the team managed to score four goals while keeping their defense up. Neither team scored in the second half. 

   The first goal was scored by Miller Knestrict, starting the team off strong. 

   “It felt good and it motivated me throughout the rest of the game,” Knestrict said.

   Quentin Enyeart (12) scored half of the goals, being the top player of the game. Lastly, Nikola Ivetic (9) scored one goal.

   Some of the boys have been playing soccer since they were young and want to continue doing soccer in the future. 

  “I’d want to play soccer in college and get a degree in accounting and my dream college is Notre Dame,” Michael Miljevic (10) said. 

  Two injuries occured on the field that night.  In the first-half of the game, player Nikola Bastaic (9) had a minor ankle injury, recovering quickly after getting off the field.  In the second-half, Enyeart sustained a more serious injury resulting in staying out the rest of the game.

    ¨It was a corner. I was trying to get my third goal. Went out for the ball, missed it and went down. Guy’s foot was there, stepped on it (and) rolled it. Could be something more serious, could be not. We´ll see by tomorrow. But the pain was very intense right when it happened,” Enyeart said. 

   As of today he is unsure whether he can participate in the next game on August, 25 at 5 p.m.

   The team celebrated cheering with the crowd at the end of the match with much excitement for the next game.  

   “I would say today, probably our communication, our finishing.  I know we scored four goals but they were all in the first half. I was hoping to score quite a few more in the second half, but you know sometimes you just gotta take what you got and we got a win. So, we rebelled and we got Crown Point Wednesday at home. Good game for us so now we are looking forward to that,” Coach Shane Cloutier mentioned.