Determination to Win

Julio Herrera, Print Staff

   The JV boys soccer team played against Highland High School on Aug. 23rd. The team beat the heat with a score of 9-0 with the mercy rule. 

   “We did work hard today, but we can work better on off-ball movement in the mid-field, showing up to the defenders, and making an extra pass,” Ruperto Gomez (9) said.

  While Gomez has his thoughts of improvement, Coach Rainwater had his own notes as to how his team played, and how they strategize.

“We played well, we knew that  going into the game they [Highland] was a little bit short of players. Their legs weren’t going to last as long as ours, we figured if we moved the ball long enough eventually those gaps would open up for the goals we were able to create. The goals you didn’t see early were really there, the movement was there to help create them later on,” Coach Jereme Rainwater, Career Technology, said.

   The first half of the game, they gained two points ahead of Highland and astonishingly gained  seven more points in the second half. If one competitor has a very large and presumably insurmountable scoring lead over the other, the game ends due to mercy rule.  Andres Ruiz-Avilla (9) felt as if his team had improved and worked hard in order to win.

   “I think we should do good, like if we have teamwork which I think we needed on Friday but I feel like today we’re really gonna take that out and really use that teamwork today. We’ve been practicing every single day if there are no games, Monday through Friday. We have been working hard as a team and then I feel like we are going to do really well,” Avilla said.