All Arms In

Julio Herrera, Head Photo Editor


  On Aug. 26th, JV girls volleyball went against Chesterton Highschool they fought hard to gain the win. They scored the first set at 25:22 and the second set with a far lead of 25:15.

   Before the game started, Ina Bulatovic (9) had been questioned about what she is looking forward to and what the team is best at. She was determined to play and excited to do this with her team and lead into the win.

   “Definitely blocking cause I’m a middle (blocker) and that’s like my strongest suit. I can’t wait for the varsity to support us. I think what we are best at is that we flow very well, our communication is there and all of us are really good friends, we are like a little family. We all kind of connect in a way that any other high school does,” Ina Bulatovic (9) said.

   After winning the game, Coach Jessica Reid (Math) had a few things to say about why she became a coach and her thoughts of what’s most needed in a team. 

   “I became a coach because I played in high school and I loved the game, so once I got out of high school and out of college where there are not many opportunities to play. I thought coaching would be a fun opportunity, get more involved in the school, and get to know the players and students a little better. To be part of a team, I think you need humility because humility allows you to do your best but taking into account the team’s overall goal and the team work is what’s going to get you there in the end,” Coach Reid (Math) said.

   While Coach Reid had her own thoughts, Ellie Giordino (10) had their own things to say about their teamwork they managed to build. Ellie is the manager of the team, she was asked about her perspective on being a coach and what they need to improve.

   “It’s pretty fun like you get to see the outside of where you were supposed to be last year, so you’re kind of like a coach but you’re not really when you’re still a player, so you kind of get both sides. I would say their communication and if they work together more they would be a solid team,” Giordano said.