A Game Against Heat

Humza Mohiuddin, Print Staff

   The JV girls soccer team took a win 2-0 against the Highland Trojans at our home field. The girls played throughout the very intense heat making the right passes at the right time, knowing where each teammate was at all times and using great communication. 

   “I made sure I drank a ton of water day after day before the game,” Francesa DeLuca (10) said. 

      The girls have been practicing outside in high humidity and high degree weather. Jessica Depner (10) had her thoughts on this win.

      “It was a pretty solid win. Everyone played well which made it a good win overall,” Depner said. 

   To add to the team’s win they won in high temperatures. The weather was 102 degrees and the players were sweating before the game started. 

     “I made sure I drank a ton of water day of and day before the game,” DeLuca said. 

     Overall our JV soccer team trucked out a win against the Trojans in all this heat. 

   “We drank plenty of water both throughout the day and during the game. We also had mist machines on the bench which helped cool us down,” Depner said.