Dealing with Defeat

Emily Brown and Jailene Aponte

The boys are in a line respectfully. The national anthem was playing.
The boys walk into position after the national anthem. Tre’ Adams (12) was in front talking to them before the start of the game.
Tre Adams (12) starting off with plenty of motivation, is getting ready to possibly make a goal kick. Tre ran with speed to the ball to make an advantage.
Jakob Noldin (12) is eyeing the ball getting ready to kick. The Munster boys were following him, trying to get the ball back.
The players Charlie Newton (10) and Jackson McCabe (10) are headed straight for the ball with intention before the other team gets to it. They are ready to kick the ball.

   As the sun sets on the evening of Aug. 30, 2021, the Varsity boys soccer team lost against Munster 2-1. 

   Defeat didn’t stop them. Tre’ Adams (12) talks about more ideas of how the team can grow. Along with more strategies, he wishes he could motivate throughout the game. This loss does not get rid of the team’s motivation. 

   “I think that we just need to work better together and be more aggressive during the game. I wish that I could’ve told my teammates that we need to strive to win this game and change the outcome,” Adams said.

   Although the team suffered a loss, Jakob Noldin (12) explains that his team could have won the game. He also talks about how the team continued putting in effort, even though they had a score of 2-0. Jakob and his team are now determined to conquer their next game.

    “I think we definitely could have won. We were definitely slow on transitioning back on defense. Even though we were down 2-0 we still made a fight, we still got at least one goal back and we were still trying to get the second one,“ Noldin said.