Kissing Booth 3

Bjorn Shaw, Print Staff

Two of the protagonists from The Kissing Booth 3. The image was taken on May 16, 2019.

   Kissing Booth 3, The third movie in a trilogy based on a popular Wattpad story, Came out just a few months ago. It follows in the footsteps of the previous movies, and does its best to tie a nice bow on the whole series. That being said, there’s a lot of things in this movie that stand out, and not in a good way. I’m going to be talking about a few issues I found in Kissing Booth 3.

   Even with the movie being nearly two hours long, everything feels like it’s going too fast, and there’s no time to reflect on the situation. All of the main characters seem to have drama with all the other characters, and then there’s still more drama on top of it, with the father and his new girlfriend being kind of inconsiderate towards the kids. The amount of drama that keeps coming up all the time, layering on top of more drama, it’s honestly just annoying. All I could think while watching this entire movie was “Pick a struggle.”

   Every few minutes, it feels like another red flag pops up, referring to either the characters or the movie and its writing. There are four montages in the first twenty minutes of the film, which just makes everything feel too fast, and there’s so little time to interpret and comprehend what’s going on. 

   Also, Noah talks about moving with Elle to university. This sounds like fun, but Elle should really experience college life while living alone. They could both easily just get two separate places nearby to see one another easily, but they’ll both still have their own spaces. Thankfully, Noah and Elle part ways before either of them start university, but imagine if they moved in together before the rest of the movie drama happened; how awkward would that be? 

   Another thing; Marco’s character, the guy who keeps trying to court Elle because they’re both idiots, is so agitating. He’s a buff, generally attractive guy who works as a lifeguard at a waterpark, plays the guitar and hangs out on the beach all the time. He could easily find someone, but instead, he just adds to the movie drama by fishing for Elle while she runs to him with her problems. He almost perfectly fits the “Chad” stereotype, so he should just move along to some random beach-goers and stop fishing for someone who’s already taken.

   On top of losing the beach-house, having to pick between the University of California, Berkeley, Harvard University and the constant childish fighting between the entire main cast, all these things make the movie feel way longer than it is, and not in a good way. All I could think to myself throughout the whole film was, “When will this finally end?”