All in for the Win

Jessica Clarke and Rylie Gleason

Coming close to winning, the team became nervous after seeing the close scores. Diving and yelling became more frequent at the end of the rounds. The girls eventually pulled out a smooth win in both rounds, dominating Crown Point.
Even when points were lost, the girls still were very encouraging towards each other. With each high five and head nod, they encouraged each other to do better.
After scoring points, all of the girls rejoiced and got right back to demolishing Crown Point. Whether it was their hard spikes or confidence, these girls fought hard.
Lauren Vanderah (9) serves a strong ball to Crown Point and catches them all off guard. This serve led to a confidence boost in the team, and more points for LC.
Diving on the court was not a new thing for these girls. They came through with many dives, saving the ball by just a hair each time.

   The girls freshman volleyball team played the Crown Point Bulldogs on Aug. 31. Lake Central defeated the Bulldogs with a final score of 20-25. “I am very confident in our volleyball team. I know that Crown Point is a very hard team to beat, but hopefully they will get it done,” Sophia Palmer (9) said.

   Sophia claimed that after long hours of practicing the team has determined that even though they are away from home, they still have a fighting chance to beat the Bulldogs. Before the game started, her confidence level in the team was an eight. 

   “I thought it was going to be a tough match, but we gave a good fight. I believed in us, but I did not think we were going to win. In the end, we pulled it off and we got it,” Mikala Salinas (9) said. 

   In the first half of the game, Lake Central immediately took the lead with a score of 16-25. It was an easy win for LC, and a hard loss for Crown Point. 

   “I would say my girls did a 9-10. I feel like what we’ve been lacking a little bit is just teamwork, and I think today they really played as a team and they finally saw their potential. They had high energy and high communication. There are always little things we can work on, whether it is fundamentals or our volleyball IQ, there is always room to learn,” Coach Alondra, Athletics, said.