Full Speed Ahead

Josh Hayes, Print Staff

   The boys red division cross country team took first place at the Bob Thomas Invitational on Sept. 11, at Lowell High School. They were up against Crown Point, LaPorte, Chesterton, Portage and Lowell. Along with getting first place, multiple members of the team were able to achieve their personal goals. Marc Krizic (10) spoke about how he prepared for the race after achieving his time of 21:05.

   “It was my first race of the season. I haven’t been racing at all because I’ve been out. And I was so prepared because I had a goal. I was so dedicated to beat it,” Krizic said.

   “I was just eating bananas, drinking a lot of water, stretching out real good and completely focused before,” Krizic said. 

   Hayden Visi (9) a freshman on the team, also stated he did better than his previous time. When asked about how he feels as a freshman on the team, he spoke about how the team gets along. He also spoke about how he performed during the race. 

    “I usually just don’t feel any different. They don’t really care who you are. I think I did really well. I think I dropped two minutes. My last time was 25:14,” Visi said.

   Tyler Gagliardi (10) finished with a time of 18:37. He says that he expected to go a lot faster because his time during the previous meet was faster.