Krista Kulacz, Print Team Leader

   Imagine it’s 7 a.m. and you’re making your way to your first period class and you hear the baby shark song blasting through the hallways. Students at Lake Central don’t have to imagine because this has become their new reality. The school is doing a fundraiser for Riley’s Children’s Foundation and as an incentive to raise money, they are playing childrens music every passing period until each grade raises $800.

   “I think the songs are annoying but it’s for a good cause. I wish they only played it once a day in the morning or with the after school announcements just so we didn’t have to listen to it all day,” Emily Marcotte (12) said.

   Students share their thoughts on the song being played in the halls. Natalie Kransky (11) shares her opinion on the matter.

   “The song was extremely annoying and was blaring in the hallways.  Eventually I got used to it, but it was shocking how loud it was at first,” Kransky said.

   While some students are not a fan of the music, others think it could be a very effective way to raise money and awareness for the cause.  Grace Collard (10) explains her thoughts on the strategy.

   “I think playing the baby shark song is actually a really effective way to raise money because it gives people a motivation to donate money to turn it off,” Collard said.

   The clear benefit of raising the money quickly is getting the music turned off, however, there is another incentive for students to raise money. The prize for the class that raises the money the quickest is free Chick-fil-a.

   “I am positive that either the juniors or seniors will win. I want to just raise the money so they stop playing the songs in the hallway.  I think the upperclassmen are already tired of it and just want it to be over so they will raise money quickly,” CJ Logan (11) said.

   Not only does this fundraiser allow students a chance to win prizes for their grade, but it also raises money for a good cause.  Riley’s Children’s Foundation receives all proceeds from this fundraiser and it is encouraged that all students donate if they can.