A Fight Well Fought

Abbey O’Neill, Print Team Leader


 On the partially rainy evening of Sept. 24, the Indians lost to Michigan City Wolves 49-13. This homecoming game was the last game of the season to be held at The Burial Grounds. They continued to fight the whole game, but still lost. 

   “It was a hard loss. More than half of the students left in the second quarter. The student section started off loud and gave off good vibes,” said Shelby Brtva (11).

   Although being down 28-0 points at halftime, the Indians continued to fight. By the 3rd quarter, the first touchdown was made by Ace Henry (11) followed by an extra point. This leads us with the Wolves ahead at 28-10. 

   “That was a game we should have won and we need to get better as a team and can’t point the blame on one group. We had a lot of energy going into the game and a lot of energy from the fan section. I think we took some plays off and those plays were the ones that could of had a big change on the game, when we all did what we were supposed to do we did good things,” Peyton Chadd (11) said

   Although late in the game, the team did not stop fighting. The team continued to work despite the minimized student section, the game continued to the end. This well fought game ended in a score of 49-13.