A Night Under the Stars

Melyna Carter and Emily Brown

   On the evening of Sept. 25, 2021 the sun set on the decorated parking lot. A night Under the Stars was ready to begin. Students come filing in with their friends and dates ready for a night to remember.

   “It was a night to remember. I loved the energy of others and it was a night well spent with friends. My favorite part of the night was dancing and singing with my friends,” Addison Brtva (9) said. 

   With emotions running high the days leading up to the dance, the Homecoming court winners have yet to be announced. With the dance about to begin, the stakes were rising. 

   “Before they announced the results I was super excited. Just being nominated was already such an honor. The anticipation, however, was the worst part. Waiting for the results was also a little nerve racking because I truly did not believe I was going to win. Everyone who was nominated is such an amazing person and I respect each one of them and [I’m] glad to share that platform with them,” Kyle Kennedy (12) said. 

   With the time coming close to announcement and the tension rising even higher, students and the court were waiting nervously for the winners to be announced.  

   “I did miss homecoming last year. I missed getting ready, taking pictures with my friends and dancing. I had lots of fun. I just felt happy that we had a homecoming in general and I was grateful to have been nominated at all,” Kimberly Hestermann (12) said.

   With the dancing and food coming to an end, it was time to go home. Students are left to remember a night filled with a cool breeze and beautiful lights. They danced together under the tent, laughed together and enjoyed the food.