Seniors in the Spotlight

Natalie Genovese, Social Media Editor in Chief

   The boys Varsity soccer team defeated the Chesterton Trojans with a score of 3-2 on Wednesday, Sept. 22, at home. Ryan Mauder (12) started the game off with the first goal of the night in the first quarter.

   “It felt great to score the first goal of the game and it gave us the momentum we needed for the rest of the game to get the win in the end,” Mauder  said.

   This game was also a special night for the seniors and their families. The seniors were escorted in by their family members onto the field, ready to win the game.

   “I felt excited because it was the biggest game of our season so far against number three in the state, Chesterton,” Pero Bes (11) said.

   The players had a team effort to help them defeat Chesterton and pull out a win for the seniors.

   “I felt ready and knew I wasn’t going to let my seniors down,” Michael Milijevic (10) said.

   The boys also ended Chesterton’s 28-game DAC win streak on Wednesday night.

   “It was, in my career, the hardest game I’ve played but when it was over we all felt relief and just joy to know we put an end to their streak and anything was possible now,” Milijevic said.

   Wednesday’s game also went into overtime after being tied 2-2 at the end of the second quarter. The team took the lead with Miller Knestrict (10) scoring the winning goal in overtime.

   “Their tying goal came very late into the game. Going into overtime made me feel terrible because we were so close to winning the game outright but I’m glad we still pulled through and won in overtime,” Mauder said.

   The boys work hard during practice so they can come into these difficult games with confidence and the skill they need to win.

   “I knew that Chesterton was going to be a tough match. We should’ve won in regulation, but I knew that the team would come together and get the win,” Luka Cucuz (11). 

   Cucuz plays on Lake Central’s JV-Blue soccer team and watched the whole game in support of his fellow teammates. 

   “We improve ourselves everyday by competing with each other and pushing each other, we are a very competitive team,” Bes said.

   The boys hope to better themselves in each game they play to continue having a great season.