A Goal in One


Tye Adams (9) runs away from his opponent. He passed the ball to a teammate down the field.

Krista Kulacz, Print Team Leader

A Lake Central player goes after his opponent. The trojans advanced the ball down the field but were unable to score a goal.
A Lake Central player chases after a Chesterton player. Both teams worked hard to advance the ball down the field and fought against each other constantly for possession of the ball.
Tye Adams (9) runs away from his opponent. He passed the ball to a teammate down the field.
Luka Cucuz (11) gets ready to kick the ball to one of his teammates. The team fought hard against the Chesterton Trojans and were able to win the game.
Luka Cucuz (11) and Andres Ruiz~Avilla (9) run towards the ball as it flies through the air. The boys worked together to chase the ball and keep it in their possession.

   The boys JV soccer team won a hard fought game against the Chesterton Trojans on Sept. 21, 2021.  The extremely close game came to an end with a final score of 1-0.

   “The game was a very well and hard fought match. We gave it our all from the first whistle, and didn’t stop until we scored. Even after we scored we didn’t stop trying to push for another goal,” Dean Radowski (10) said.

   The first half of the game was a close battle between the two teams with no goals being scored. However, Nikola Bastaic (9) took initiative and scored the game-winning goal in the second half.

   “I knew that I had to be in the right spot for that and I delivered. I knew that scoring that goal didn’t just boost me, it boosted the whole team and made us want to keep pushing on them, making them play in more uncomfortable positions,” Bastaic said.

   The team hopes to take the momentum from this game into the rest of the season. Dean Radowski talks about the team’s long-term season goals.   “As a team I think that was one of our best games that we have ever played. We have been working on being the best JV team in our conference and DAC,” Radowski said.

   The boys gave it their all and did not stop pushing until down to the last second.  Bastaic talks about what this game meant to him and to the future of the team.

   “We had a very tough game but we had more desire to win, we played with heart. We went into the game knowing that it was going to be hard but we pushed out. The outcome of the Chesterton game will give us a big boost to our last game against Valpo. We will play differently but we will still play hard and fight from the start whistle to the last second,” Bastaic said.