Be Ready In…

Humza Mohiuddin, Print Staff

   Getting ready is a part of everyone’s day to day routine. If its putting on a suit and tie or a dress, maybe even a hoodie and sweats. Still its getting ready for the day. Some people take longer to get ready than others. 

   Like Sydney Petrovich (10),”If I am going somewhere nice like a restaurant it usually takes at least 1-2 hours. But if im just going to school then it usually takes me 30 minutes including a shower.” 

   Rather than taking hours to get ready, some people do not take long to get ready. Ryan Behm (10) said, “It only takes me at least 10 minutes [to get] ready for school. I just put on some sweats or shorts and a hoodie. If we are going somewhere nice then a nice pair of jeans but no less than an hour.”

    Getting dressed has changed drastically from e-learning to in person. Lilly Bariak(10) said “From the time I was e-learning I sometimes did not even get ready for the day. I would just get on the call with the clothes I had on already. I did not need to put on the camera so It did not matter.” When people got to school they took a little longer to get ready than the time they would on the e-learning call.