How Halloween Changes As You Grow Up

Meghan Beilfuss, Print Team Leader

   Among children, Halloween is quite a popular holiday. But as children grow older, opinions change about this celebration of dressing up and asking for candy. They grow to shy away from the traditional trick or treating, don’t dress up, or simply don’t celebrate the holiday entirely.

   “Since I’ve gotten older, I started to dress up less often and I don’t go out trick or treating as much because some may find it ‘childish’ for our age, but I still go when I can  because before I would dress up all the time and go to parties and trick or treat all the time, but now I’ve just kind of grown out of it,” Adora Anekwe (11) said.

   Teenagers tend to gravitate towards less childish activities and more modern Halloween activities such as parties or only dressing up for the fun of it. In high school we no longer have Halloween days where we dress up, it’s just a normal school day. 

   “Halloween has changed because when I was younger it was something I’d look forward to for months. Now I get excited for a few days in September then forget about it until October 29th,” Chloe Cembala (11) said.

  Halloween might not be as popular as it is with teens like kids, it is still a holiday people everywhere continue to celebrate no matter the age. Many people still enjoy participating in Halloween activities, even if it isn’t the exact same as it was when they were younger.

   “I like participating in Halloween stuff, I’ll dress up and take care of my younger brothers as they go trick or treating. But, like most [teenagers] I like to go to Halloween parties and stay up late [having fun] instead of asking for candy,” Colin Crimmins, (12) said.