More Cinderella Stories?

Abbey O’Neill, Print Team Leader

   On Sept. 3, the new Cinderella movie came out onto Amazon Prime Video. Some people thought having Camila Cabello star as Cinderella just wasn’t the best idea. Not only did Camila Cabello star in this movie, the directors decided to have James Corden, Idina Menzel, Billy Porter and Maddie Baillio join the two in this movie. On some social media platforms, people who have watched the movie have said that some of the songs are off key and on one account a creator saying that the first scene with Fairy God Mother, or Fab G., (Porter) looked forced like something from an Anti-LGBTQ mockery. 

   Usually, they would have new songs created for the movie but the director decided to take a different approach and recreate some songs such as “Somebody to Love”, “Whatta Man”, “Material Girl” and many others. The movie focuses more on feminism throughout the time of the 19th century. Having Cinderella want to own a dress shop and Princess Gwen wanting to rule the kingdom. In the end the two girls did end up with their dreams but Cinderella ends up going with Queen Tatiana (Beverly Knight) to make dresses for her. 

   Cinderella did end up facing a few challenges along the way; with Step Mother (Menzel) throwing ink on Cinderella’s dress before the ball, the carriage and magic disappearing at midnight and finally Cinderella almost missing her meeting with Queen Tatiana.