A Tied End

Jacqueline Perez, Print Staff

  On Sept 23, the Varsity girls soccer team faced Andrean in a tied game. In the last seven minutes of the game, Erin Mauder (11) made the team’s only goal of the night. 

   “I just saw the ball, I like went for it. It was pretty, yea it was pretty intense,” Marauder said.

   With only three minutes left on the clock, we were sure to win until Andrean made their first goal. This resulted in a tied game with no overtime. 

   “There is a lot of pressure[being the goalie], especially when they score the goal you think it’s all on you, but then you got to think, at the end of the day like it was all your team that tried, that they got past the whole team and you just got to reflect on that,” Olivia Pelot (9) said.

   Being the team’s third game of the week, the girls are ready to better prepare for their game against Valpo next Tuesday. After the game, the team took some time to review the events of the game. 

   “I think we just have to reset our minds and like get back in a positive like attitude for Valpo next Tuesday and kind of just take a break from this long week and get back at it at practice on Monday.” Emma Ruzycki (11) said.