A Close Match

Cami Lollis, Print Staff

   On Sept. 23, the freshman volleyball team faced off against Crown Point. They eventually lost with a close score of 24-25 in the second match.

    “I try to tune as much as I can to get ready for the game. We work on all sorts of stuff like passing, serve receive and attacking the ball,” Jacqueline Marshall (9) said.

   The girls scored the first and second points in the first round. Madison Caposey (9) set up her teammate, Lauren Vanderah (9), to score multiple times. Ultimately, the team fell in the first round with a score of 14-25.

   “We have had 17 games. Our team has improved a lot since the beginning of the season. Every position worked on serving, receiving and blocking, because those are the things we get caught on in games, ” Courtney McPherson (9) said.

   In the second round, the girls once again scored the first point. Early on the game was tied 2-2. The girls kept the score close. Caposey helped set up many other teammates to score. With the game tied 24-24, Crown Point scored the winning point.

     “My favorite part of the game was seeing someone getting a good kill or block because everyone gets so excited. My team feels like family to me, we are together five out of seven days, for many hours at a time. I feel very connected to them,” Courtney McPherson (9) said.