The Picture Show

Della Steif, Print Team Leader

  The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie that when you see it once, you’ll never forget. The iconic 1975 movie, features popular actors like Tim Curry, as Frank-n-Furter, and Susan Sarandon as Janet. Although the movie is a couple years old, every year around Halloween time it is shown in multiple theaters around the world. Due to COVID, they haven’t been able to do it in 2020, now however, with restrictions rising and things opening back up, we are available to go. 

   When the show is seen live there are certain traditions done, like throwing toilet paper every time you hear the name ‘Scott’. There is also a costume contest, the best one is chosen at the end of the show by the staff there, while you had to provide your own chairs and sitting, food and drinks were available to buy at the stands. The people who have never seen the movie before, called “Virgins” are brought up on stage and embarrassed if they chose to say they’ve never seen it.  These are all things that have been done, however, there may be more or fewer traditions depending on what town you are partaking in. 

   Some traditions are not so fun for the people working the show however, the opening has a wedding scene, and many fans know to throw rice at the start of it. People also shoot water guns during another song in the show. Snapping your fingers and yelling obscene at the screen is another tradition, all of these depend on when and what character is on the screen. I believe it’s very fun when everyone comes together to watch one movie and enjoy themselves with years old traditions and fun activities. It is also fun to keep the old movie alive, the 70s cult classic will be continued to show in theaters and parks until the people finally decide to stop.