Best in Field: Girls JV Soccer

Claire Chiabai, Print Staff

   The girls JV Soccer team took on Lowell on Sept. 30. The game ended after nearly an hour and a half of gameplay, resulting in a final score of 6-1 in Lake Central’s favor.

   “As a team, we felt pretty confident going into the game,” Jessica Depner (10) said. 

   Depner had scored the third goal of the game just after half-time, pulling the team into an even bigger lead as the match progressed. 

   “Personally, I felt I got to create opportunities [for my teammates] and finished with a goal,” Depner continued to say.

   The team’s aggressive play turned out to be one of the contributors to their win. Much of the playtime saw the ball in the Indians’ possession as players continued to push towards the goal.

   “I feel like the amount of chances we took really helped us out,” Isabel Chavez (11) said. 

   Chavez had scored Lake Central’s second goal of the game.  Teammate Depner (11) agreed: “Our ability to score pretty quickly contributed to our win a lot.  It gave us the momentum we needed.”  Teammate Depner (11) agreed.

   Already, the girls are looking forward to continuing to play through the season as well as the one in the coming year. With their game falling on senior night, the team thinks ahead on the rest of their athletic career.  

   “I hope that, as a team, we can work on connecting better with each other and looking for more [ways to improve],” Chavez (10) said.