Varsity Girls Swimming Back in Full Force


Holly Spears (11) holds a plank pose during the girls’ workout. All the girls did an entire ab circuit on Wednesday.

Jen Maguire and lakecentralnews

The girls varsity swimming team started preparing for their season with conditioning. On Wednesday, the girls met after school with their teammates to start working hard in order to dominate this season.

“We basically start the season off with a lot of dry land. Then, we ease our way into the water and gradually get to the harder pool workouts” Tracilyn Muszalski (11) said .

The girls are not required to stay after school for conditioning, but their drive and dedication to the sport keep them coming back to improve their times in any way they can.

“We mostly think of any ways we can to get ahead of other teams. We realize that all the other teams are doing everything they can too,” Muszalski said.

On Wednesday, the girls ran, did ab circuits, and got into the pool. The girls work hard, and it shows in their times. They plan on conditioning on a normal basis to improve their swimming.