Blowout from LC

Humza Mohiuddin, Print Staff

   Our Varsity girls basketball team had their first tournament at home. One of the games highlighted is when they went up against Hammond Central. The final score of the game was 83-6. At half time the score was 50-0. The girls ran up and down the court, hustling every play of the game.  

      “It was a combination of us playing good defense, offense and the other team not being organized with their teamwork.” Riley Milasunic(1o) said. The girls were hitting threes left and right, making the right pass for the easy bucket, and were playing defense to stop Hammond central from getting over 10 points!

       “We did not really have that much time to prepare in all honesty, but from conditioning and from knowing some of these girls already, our teamwork was still very good.” Milausnic(10) said.