Freshman Girls Basketball

Rylie Gleason and Gabby Simkus

   The freshman girls basketball team played their second game of the season at home on Thursday. The girls beat the Michigan City Wolves with a score of 36-9 making the season 1-1. 

   “I’m pretty excited about how the team is going to bond together and the coaches are really nice and into the game so they are really pushing and encouraging us to do our best. So I’m very excited to see how this year turns out,” Grace Trinkle (9) shared. 

   The girls’ season has just begun, their first game was at Kankakee Valley High School, playing the Kougars. The girls have specific skills and abilities that they are eager to improve on throughout the season. 

   “Definitely working on my shooting because I’m a forward. I’m not just being in the post but I’m also around shooting, so I have to work on that. Also also getting a lot of offensive and defensive rebounds,” Trinkle said. 

   Lake Central offers Lake Central Youth Basketball (LCYB) for children in the area that are in grades through 1-12.  Girls from the program have  joined the basketball team once they reached high school. 

  “I started playing basketball when I was probably in like second grade doing LCYB and then I dropped out to do other sports. You know as a kid, you do a lot. But then I picked it back up in seventh grade and have been doing it since,” Trinkle mentioned.