A Red Review (Icyss and Aly’s Version)


Icyss Meredith and Aly Wenglarz

After being a decade and some months of being late to the Swiftie club and at some points a Taylor Hater, I can say I was excited for the release of “Red (Taylors Version)”. 

   The previous release of “Red” was not only revolutionary during 2012, but the rerelease is even more iconic because Taylor Swift owns the music. After a long legal battle, Swiftwas not able to sell her old music, like albums including “Red,” “Speak Now,” “1989,” “Reputation,” “Taylor Swift” and “Fearless. Swift tehnically, only had rights to the sheet music. Because of this, she took matters into her own hands and is rerecording her records. After the release of “Fearless (Taylors Version),” in April 2021, she announced that “Red” would be the next album to be released in June 2021.

   Many people ask what’s different about the albums? Why is everyone so excited about it when it has already been released? Well simply put, most of the hype comes from fans excited that Swift finally owns her music and also the release of new songs from “The Vault.” “Message in a Bottle” is a fan favorite and one that’s most like the classic pop hit we got and loved in 2012, which is when the original album was released. On ¨Run” we get another collaboration with Swift and Ed Shearan 

   Aside from the new releases, there were some changes to the tracks. Aside from many minor note changes, one major difference would be the way less country sounds from Swift. Which in my defence, is why I didn’t like her for so long. The rerecord sounds like classic pop music with only a small twang of country from the guitar track on most of the songs. She completely flips “Girl at Home” and is arguably the biggest change on the records. Swift now owns her own music, which means that she owns her own emotions. The label “Taylor’s Version”, not only symbolizes her freedom but also her talent as an artist.

   Nonetheless, Swift is only competing with herself by breaking records that only she has held previously. WIth over 90.8 million streams in the first day, she broke her own record that she previously held. Swift is and will continue to be iconic only this time she owns it.