Inside “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”

Cami Lollis, Print Staff

   Back for season two, Jeff Goldblum returns to engaging audiences with the fabulous world around us. The season was released, along with other exciting titles such as “Home Sweet Home Alone” and “Jungle Cruise” on Disney Plus Day.

   Delving into the first episode, Goldblum invites us to learn more about dogs. The episode begins with him introducing us to his very own dog, Woody, joke-cracking and fun facts. Moving on from the celebrity’s dogs, we meet a celebrity dog.  Tuna is a dog with an adorable overbite and a following of around 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Goldblum investigates the life of a celebrity dog and everything that comes along with it. 

   Next we meet the Casillians, who teach us all about urban mushing. Urban mushing is similar to the regular style except instead of a sled, wheels are implemented. The Casillians explain how the relationship between the dogs and the family work; the dogs are allowed to do what they were bred for and in turn the family cares for the dogs. 

   Heading over to Sonoma County, we meet animal behaviorist Dr. Evan MacLean. MacLean works with puppies six to eight weeks old to find puppies with the intelligence needed to become service dogs. We learn about social cues and watch an experiment to see if the puppies MacLean works with can pick up on the same cues.

   Goldblum travels next to a facility in Santa Paula that helps train dogs for search and rescue. We meet the veteran search and rescue team, Billy and Victor. Dogs like Victor are trained to find trapped people and save them by alerting their counterparts to their location. 

   Goldblum does an excellent job at engaging audiences in many different topics. He takes you through the different walks of life and educates you on the topic in less than half an hour. Included in the rest of the season, Goldblum covers topics such as dance, magic, fireworks and monsters. I enjoy watching the episodes and learning about all of these fascinating topics. I will definitely be watching the rest of the season and learning more about everything the world has to offer.